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Islamic Songs


Salam alaikum, for all faithfull muslims , Islamic Songs is the perfect app, especially made for people that praise Islam,Allah and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.Keep your religions faith strong with Islamic Songs app, directly play and listen to the best praising Allah songs that you can also easily put as ringtones, and each time your phone rings youll be pleased by nice faithfull Allah praise.Youll find a complete set of songs in praise of Allah and also songs in praise of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH (anasheed or amdah) and even other songs for prayer times and Ramadan celebration and many other religious events.Islamic songs provided are not commercial but choosen with high audio quality for better experience,and youll be able to freely enjoy to the best and newest islamic songs.If you believe in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and live according to Quran, those free Islamic songs are for you!